Guest post: “My Circle of Me.”

Ciao, my lovelies. Whilst I'm still off conjuring up my next debatable screed for Moriquendi, I though the dozen or so of you who follow this blog might enjoy reading the following guest post of sorts, written in a personal message from my inamorata. I thought it raised some interesting points... interesting enough that I wanted to share them here. She agreed, and... Continue Reading →


Owning It: Autonomy, Accountability and Liberty in Faery

Hello once again, beautiful creatures. Careful readers may notice a slight difference in the tone of the piece to follow. As the saying goes, there’s a reason for that, chaps. Under normal circumstances, I’m writing for myself. (And for all of you, of course. Never forget that. You're all my favourites.) As such, I’m beholden to no tastes... Continue Reading →

To what end?

Hello again, my lovelies. So, where to begin? There’s just so much to be said. Things I want to say to you, yes, and things I want to say for myself—or, perhaps, to say to myself, things I wish someone had said to me, back when I was first circling around the bewitchingly bright candle-flame... Continue Reading →

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